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During the first 2017 semester, my swimmingpool exploration has continued through a partnership with the city of Lancy (Geneva, Switzerland). More specifically in the sports complex of Marignac, which is offering, among larger infrastructures, an olympic pool, a leisure pool, a paddling pool and a deep dive pool for the 3, 5 and 10 meters high diving platform. This unusual construction is born form the Georges Brera, Paul Waltenspühl and Pierre Nierlé architects plans, and has been builded between 1967 and 1969. The totality of the buildings has been conceived with concrete materials, and the aesthetic design remind us strongly about the sovietic architecture of the 1960's. This place has already received severals contemporary art exhibitions, singularly enhanced by the pools arrangements. My partnership with the city of Lancy and the Marignac establishment has opened the place for me during four shooting sessions, during april and may 2017. The first session has been set in the totality of the pools completely empty, and the second one at the beggining of the filling process. The third session allowed me to explore the underground corridors, the machines rooms, the pipes system. The fourth and last session dealt with the explorations of the pools completely filled and covered with tarpaulin, just before the opening of spring and summer 2017 season.

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