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During year 2015, my photographic explorations of water and the choices of my artistic work drove me to imagine a shooting project in swimming pools during the emptying process or when they are shut down. A partnership in Seine-Saint-Denis with the city of Pantin began in july 2015 and I started to shoot the public pool Leclerc. This Art deco building is achieved in 1937, and has been designed by the architect Charles Auray and the engineer Jean Molinier. Its peculiar architecture is the reason for its registration to "monuments historiques" in 1997. This building offers many perspectives of water exploration, with its flowing, reflexions, viewpoint and vertigo effects. The artistic research can then be continued in normally forbidden places for the public, such as logistic locations, underground machineries, corridors at the top of the building. The water is always there, but in a concealed way, sometimes visble only by its time effects. Three sessions has been organised: The first one in the building during normal conditions of use, but closed for the public, the second one during the emptying process, and the third during the filling process.

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