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The photographic project « Pairs-Noces » or « Pers-Noces » has been initiated during 2017 by Coralie Sanson, artist photographer, in partnership with the Peps team (Experimented program of drugs prescription) based in Caap-Arve in Geneva, and the HUG cultural affairs unit  (Geneva University hospitals). It allowed encounters between the artist and the users of the place, precious and unusual, to experiment a mutual artistic creation using light painting techniques, and with the idea to share the photographic act between the model and the photographer. The protocol has been designed to let the two protagonists act concurrently, but not necessarily under a preset agreement. The model has always a choice among being in the light, staying in the shadows, or standing somewhere between the both.  He or she holds, by the gesture and the lighting trail, the images building control, building that is always haphazard and surprising in the end. The model presence and his luminous expression indicate the ephemeral relationship happening with the photographer. The shooting is then a swift and intense link instant, whose trace is as aesthetic as surprising. During this period of residence, users have made creative proposals such as the introduction of color in the form of filters, or the duet shooting sessions. The photographic sessions lasted for five months, from April to August 2017 and this work is exhibited in three different locations in Geneva, from September 11, 2018 to March 31, 2019

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